Storybooks to Grow On

How Kids Grow
by Jean Marzollo (Scholastic Inc., 1998)

Photographs show children at different ages and stages ranging from birth to age 7 and describe what children can do at each stage. This book is a great discussion starter.

I'm Growing
by Aliki (Troll Associates, 1992)

A young boy compares his body now with how he looked as a baby and attributes the changes to the healthful foods he eats.

Leo the Late Bloomer
by Robert Kraus (Harper Collins Publishers, 1971)

Leo is a little tiger who can't seem to do anything right. Leo's mother claims that Leo is just a late bloomer and "a watched bloomer doesn't bloom". Sure enough, in his own good time, Leo blooms.

Books About Our Bodies and Food

What Happens to a Hamburger
by Paul Showers (Harper Collins, 1985)

Through simple pictures and text, digestion is described. The book discusses healthful foods and how they build strong bones and muscles. Skip pages and paraphrase to hold young children.s attention.

The Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body
by Joanna Cole (Scholastic Inc., 1989)

There is plenty of text and images in this book from the popular series. Focus on digestion and pick and choose other parts that will interest your children.