Fruit-Filled Storybooks

Oliver's Fruit Salad
by Vivian French
(Orchard Books, 1998)

Oliver enjoys choosing real fruit in his grandfather's garden and at the supermarket with his mom, but he claims he doesn't like to eat fruit until he tries fruit salad.

Eating the Alphabet, Fruits and Vegetables from A to Z
by Grace Maccarone
(Scholastic, 2001)

This picture book encourages you to eat your way through the alphabet by introducing you to a variety of fruits and vegetables for each letter. Excellent descriptions of many fruits and vegetables are included in the back of the book.

Fruits, First Science Discovery Book
by Gallimard Jeunesse and Pascale de Bourgoing
(Scholastic by arrangement with Editions Gallimard, 1989)

This book contains plastic pages that allow the reader to look inside different kinds of fruits. Pictures of where the fruit grows are also included. Over twenty fruits are depicted in this book.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar
by Eric Carle
(Philomel Books, 1983)

Before reading this book, talk with children about how many different fruits help them grow strong and healthy. Tell them that you will be reading a story about a hungry caterpillar that eats some fruits and other kinds of foods. Then read this delightful book to discover what happens as the caterpillar eats and grows. Call attention to those foods that are fruits. Remind children that we need a variety of healthy foods to grow. Ask children what other fruits a caterpillar would love to eat? What fruits do you like to eat?

For our Eating a Rainbow Coloring Activity, visit our Games and Activities section, or click here. This activity uses the pages of The Very Hungry Caterpillar to teach about fruit names and colors.