Talk About the Benefits of Eating Fruit

Experts say that young children can learn that the food they eat is related to their health. Here is some conversation to share with children.

Oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and pineapples give you vitamins.

Vitamins are important for your skin and bones to grow strong and healthy.

You also need vitamins for healthy blood and a strong heart. Lots of fruits and vegetables give you vitamins.

Celebrate Healthy Eating with a Friendship Fruit Salad

Ask each family to bring in one fruit to help add to a fruit salad the class will be making. Let children help by washing and cutting the fruit. Obtain a copy of Oliver's Fruit Salad for a story about a boy who didn't like fruit until he tried fruit salad!

Caterpillars Love Fruit and Butterflies Love Nectar! Help Your Child to Love Eating These Too!

Kids like to dip their food. Try dipping apple, papaya, or pineapple slices in vanilla yogurt.

Roll-ups anyone? Wrap crushed pineapple plus a thin slice of ham in a lettuce leaf. The crispy texture and sweet taste is a real treat.

Try a sliced kiwi and peanut butter sandwich. Peanut butter should be layered lightly to avoid risk of choking.

Fruit salad - Have your child pick out fruit in the store and then help make salad at home. Use plastic knives to cut fruit. Use fruit salad for breakfast or dessert or as a topping for yogurt, cereal, or pancakes. For another fun and easy-to-make salad idea, try our Butterfly Salad.

Orange Delight - Use 1 cup 100% orange juice to cup powdered milk and three to four ice cubes. Whip in a blender and serve.

Caterpillar Snack idea - Turn "ants on a log" into a caterpillar. Use celery topped with cream cheese and raisins for the body and pretzel sticks for the antennae.

Butterflies love fruit nectar. Use our Butterfly-to-Fruit Matching Activity for a color-matching lesson, and to teach children about how butterflies eat fruit.